Video Dashboard Review

Who doesn’t love free traffic, right?

In this day and age of social media, individuals can leverage major social media platforms for traction and growth. The best way of connecting on these platforms instantly is through videos. Videos that can be short, crisp, and precise to the point can generate potential free traffic

Video Dashboard is one such platform that can help you find trending topics on social media, create professional-looking videos, and leverage the traffic from the videos.

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In this Video Dashboard Review, I will talk about the product and share how Video Dashboard can help you make money online?

At the end of the review, I will talk about some bonuses you can get if you purchase the Video Dashboard.

Video Dashboard Overview

Product NameVideo Dashboard
Product TypeCloud-based Software
CreatorsPaul Ponna and Sid Diwar
Official SiteClick Here
Money-Back Guarantee30 days

What is the Video Dashboard?

Video Dashboard is an all-in-one could-based marketing software that helps you discover, create, publish, and automate the whole video marketing process.

If you are a creator (or) a marketer looking to grow on social media and wanna get traffic through your videos, then Video Dashboard helps you achieve it with less tech and design skills. You can get tarffic from Top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin., and YouTube. Additional to these platforms, Medium, Reddit, Vimeo are the platforms you can leverage too.

The videos that you create with this software are commercially licensed. That means, as a user of the software, you will get to keep all the revenue generated from creating and monetizing the videos.

Video Dashboard Review – Features

Apart from the video creation and inbuilt social media sharing features. Video Dashboard has multiple parts to look up-to.

Trend Pulse

Trend Pulse is a built-in trending video finder tool for all social media platforms. You can choose a social media platform and find out which videos are trending in your niche (or) topic.

Example: If you choose Instagram and type in your keyword like ‘skateboards’. The trend pulse shows the trending videos on Instagram from ‘sakeboarding’ niche based on hashtags trend search. You can either replicate the videos (or) make new videos with the trending ideas.

Pre-Made Video Templates

Once you know which videos you’re going to create. You can go to the pre-made template section where you can access 400+ done-for-you templates.

These templates are professional, high-converting, easy to use, and are proven to work. Besides, all these the templates are fully customizable, and you can add your own text, logo, animation, and audio tracks to the videos. The editing part is down with drag and drop technology, which means it shouldn’t be hard to use this software and create videos.

You can find templates that support specific platforms for precise videos. Thus, you can create vertical videos specific to TikTok and Instagram Reels to be uploaded.

Content Calendar

Suppose you have account on various social media platfroms and have multiple videos to be uploaded. Then you need to use ‘Content Calendar’ feature. This feature helps you with scheduling your content ahead of time.

The unique advantage will this ‘Content Calendar’ is that, it lets you know any special days in the content like Valentine’s Day, World Health Day, Father Day, Mother Day, and all the special days in the year. Now, you can create content for these special days.

Content Calendar helps you with scheduling your content throughout the year for 365 days. But mostly, we would be creating content days (or) weeks ahead of us. So, thus we can have our content scheduled for weeks in advance.

Traffic Automation

This feature of Video Dashboard lets you publish your videos and content on 10+ trending platforms on the internet. You can syndicate your content within a single click. This is a massive benefit for anyone who is looking to get that early traffic on their videos

Once you can create a video using Video Dashboard, you can convert the video into mini traffic boosters by instantly publishing on major traffic sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Medium, Reddit, etc. on

Example: Once you publish your video on YouTube. You can share that video around ten traffic platforms to reach more audiencs outside YouTube. Besides the traffic, you will get backlinks from each of the sites where your video is published. Thus, Now you have a chance to rank higher on the YouTube search.

Note: If you wanna rank articles on google using syndication. Then choose SyndTrio for articles

Video Dashboard Review – How It Work?

So, far Video Dashboard sounds exciting and easy to use as a video marketing software. A non-techy and someone with fewer design skills can use this software to create incredible videos that can trend on social media.

You can complete a video marketing campaign by replication these steps on your Video Dashboard

Step 1: Login and Choose a Trending Video Topic

Once you’ve logged into ‘Video Dashboard’ software. Use the Trend Pulse feature. First, select the platform for which you want to create a video?

Once you’ve selected the topic, you will be shown the top trending videos on that platform. Select which videos you want to re-create and note down the video ideas.

Video Dashboard Review - How It Work

Step 2: Open Template Bank

Once you know which videos you want to create. Go to ‘Template Bank’ and choose your social media platform. After selecting the social media platform for which you wish to upload your videos.

You will be displayed with multiple templates designed which support the video dimensions of that specific platform to be published. Choose any of the templates that you like.

Video Dashboard Review - How It Work

Step 3: Customize Your Template With Ease

All templates inside the dashboard are fully customizable. You can add your own text, images, audio, and videos with one click at a time.

You can even add the ‘Common Captions’ YouTube videos, which are 100% copyright free to use by downloading the video inside the Video Dashboard.

Video Dashboard Review - How It Work

Step 4: Publish (or) Schedule Your Video

You can use ‘Content Calendar’ to publish (or) schedule your content in your social media accounts. You can create multiple videos and schedule them on the Content Calendar to be published on time.

Video Dashboard Review - How It Work

Video Dashboard Review – Pricing

Video Dashboard comes with one front end product and 4 One Time Offers (OTO’s) which are

  • Video Dashboard with Commercial License: 46.98$
  • Video Dashboard OTO 1: White Label Unlimited (97$)
  • Video Dashboard OTO 2: VidRemaker App (67$)
  • Video Dashboard OTO 3: Agency (49$)
  • Video Dashboard OTO 4: Deluxe Interactive Videos (37$)

I want to share about the upsells of the software in this section

OTO 1: Video Dashboard White Label Upgrade (97$)

Thus, as the name suggests, ‘White Label’ which helps you sell Video Dashboard software as your product. You can get paid by your clients by selling it to them and keeping all the profit.

  • Customize and Re-brand the ‘Video Dashboard’ using your logo and brand colors. Sell the software to your paying clients.
  • Full-service of social media management and traffic automation
  • Unlimited access to video creation and social publishing
  • No yearly (or) monthly fees

OTO 2: 300+ Premium Templates and VidRemaker App (67$)

With this OTO, you will get that edge against all your competitors in terms of high end videos and high converting videos

  • 100+ Premium templates which can your videos stand out in the crowd
  • 5+ new templates each month for upto an year
  • Access To VideoRemaker App, which has the potential to convert any ordinary video into a trending video. The features available inside the App like video merger, video repurposed, and speed changer.
  • Create unlimited videos with unlimited time on the videos
  • Become a VIP member. You will get access to the VIP customer support of the Video Dashboard Team, and your videos will be stores in the Amazon cloud server, which will help you create videos after and upload them faster with time.

OTO 3: Video Dashboard Social Portfolio Site Builder ($47 One-Time)

This OTO is for the people looking to use video creation and marketing services as their primary income source. They can even start an agency with this OTO purchase

  • Create unlimited videos and have a portfolio of your social media calendar and videos as your service page.
  • Create unlimited sites for your clients with unlimited videos in it.
  • Offer landing page services where you add your sales page videos and add your portfolio to show your visitors

OTO 4: Video Dashboard Deluxe Interactive Videos ($37 One-Time)

Get hands-on the most up-to date video technologies to market your video for better traffic on the internet

  • Call To Action (CTA) triggers which help people to interact with your videos
  • Create interactive videos by adding special features like clickable buttons, opt-in forms, and images
  • Content locking technology to keep people on the videos for a longer time
  • Magic Share URL to share your videos to your email list, whatsapp, and other platforms to track your traffic, and clicks
  • 100% of Mobile optimizable videos for your audience.

Video Dashboard Review – Pros & Cons

Video Dashboard is a budget friendly video editing software along with content scheduling and content syndication features.

Besides only talking the features of the product. A review is incomplete without the pros and cons of the product. A product like Video Dashboard is more likely a steal deal for the buyers who are looking for video marketing. So there are lot of pro’s to look at


  • Generate free traffic with automation
  • All in one and easy to use video marketing tool
  • Less expensive than running ads on Facebook and Google
  • Find content that works and create videos that are engaging
  • No need to hire a video editor for any new video creation
  • Go viral with your video marketing campaigns
  • Create content for weeks and schedule them in advance
  • Bring more traffic and leads. Later convert them into your customers
  • With one time purchase. This software lets you create unlimited videos for your social media presence


  • For any beginner who is looking to grow on social media with videos. This software is worth of it’s amount and has no cons to show

Video Dashboard – Bonuses

Video Dashboard creators are giving five free bonuses with the initial purchase of this software. These bonuses make your purchase more valuable

Bonus 1: 10-Weeks VIP Webinar Training ($997 Value)

In this bonus, you will get access to the live training. Where you can get your questions answered by the Video Dashboard creators. Besides the training, you will get the exact blueprint to succeed with Video Dashboard online.

The training does include a lot of case studies which will help you get more traffic, sales, and customers by video marketing

Bonus 2: Royalty-Free Music Tracks [$500 Value]

Instead of finding royalty-free music on the internet and adding it into your videos on Video Dashboard. You can use royalty-free music tracks from this bonus and add the music tracks to make your videos more engaging and scroll stopping to the people.

Bonus 3: 80,000 Content Engine Library ($997 Value)

If you are not good with writing

  • captions on Instagram
  • Video descriptions on YouTube
  • Writing engaging tweets on Twitter

This bonus helps you with written content to be shared on your social media platform. You will get access to a Content Engine where you can find all the pre-written content for your videos and posts on social media platforms. You can add the written content as your posts and schedule them in the ‘Content Calendar.’

The same kind of content engine is available in a software like Sqribble where you will get access to well-written articles and 100% copyright free to use.

Bonus 4: Premium Stock Image and Video Library ($800 Value)

Get access to premiere stock footages and videos that you can use in your video marketing and creating engaging videos.

This will help you add that premium quality element in your video while you’re using the pre-made video templates.

Bonus 5: Full Commercial Rights & UNLIMITED Usage (Priceless)

Once you purchase Video Dashboard. You have full rights to sell your videos and monetize your videos on YouTube and Facebook. The revenue made from the videos is all kept in your pocket.

The revenue generated using Video Dashboard is all from your efforts and you are gonna keep the profits from the videos


In this Video Dashboard review, it’s obvious that I have liked the product so far, and I feel this software could help beginners like me and everyone else with video marketing.

The best aspects of the Video Dashboard are

  • Finding trending videos in a niche for each social platform
  • Creating and scheduling content within the dashboard. Done with a few clicks.
  • Syndicating and sharing a published content on multiple traffic sources to get more views and rank your videos higher

If you’re into any of these profiles , then Video Dashboard is a good purchase for you

  • Online Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Freelance Editing

These are the few other profiles which I could name. But at the end on thing to say, Video Dashboard is a tool that’s worth to everyone when they purchase

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