This is a review post on a Course named ‘Super Affiliate System 3.0‘ By John Crestani. Super Affiliate System 3.0 is the only Major Course online to make money with affiliate marketing…..

So, for whom is this course for?

This course is for newbie marketers, employees, students, and for every other individual who’s looking to make passive income online with online marketing.

I need you to stick with this post. As I take you through the super affiliate system by John Crestani. You will understand what you’re really missing on.

Super Affiliate System 3.0: About The Author!

Course Name: Super Affiliate System 3.0

Course Creator: John Crestani

FREE Webinar: Click Here

Refund: 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Before I take you through the course. I wanna tell you about the course creator John Crestani…

About John Crestani:-

John Crestani is a 31-Year-Old Multi-Millionaire who’s making money online. He is running his own online empire which doesn’t deal with any clients and isn’t in need of any physical presence of him (or) his products.

He started his online business after he dropped out of college. He was lost his path in his life. Being almost broke he started to build a business mindset of his own.

That’s how he started to make money from the internet. After his continuous trail & error method in the internet marketing space.

He found a way to turn around the things and started earning huge via affiliate marketing. By the time he made a million-dollar empire with his hard work. He becomes an expert fo running paid advertisements on Facebook, Google, Bing, Taboola, YouTube, and more…..

After all his huge success, he started to help other people make money from affiliate marketing through his courses. He is considered a Big GURU in this niche.

As of now, he making approx $500K Per Month online. He has inspired and helped so many people to start their business on the internet and succeed.

John Crestani’s work was published by Forbes Magazine and his story was mentioned on their website to reach more and more people.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 – A Complete Review

Before I continue with the super affiliate system 3.0 review. I want you to look at a video that tells you why you should Take up this FREE Webinar.


What’s Inside Super Affiliate System 3.0:-

The super affiliate system 3.0 is a 6-week hand-in-hand training course to start affiliate marketing and grow your online business. This course is focused on Running paid advertisements on multiple platforms.

The super affiliate system 3.0 dashboard looks like this :

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Dashboard
Super Affiliate System 3.0 Dashboard

This course is 100% beginner-friendly with all proven strategies to build your affiliate marketing business. This course has the potential to grow u from beginner to an expert in a matter of weeks. Many marketers are generating 10,000$+ revenue through the same strategies that are used in the super affiliate system.

The course is sorted into 6-week Training videos by John Crestani and others. Each week you would be growing stronger and stronger with affiliate marketing with complete full-on guidance. The video training section should look like this:

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Training
Super Affiliate System 3.0 Training

Week One:- Complete Affiliate Marketing Set up for beginners

In the first week of training, John Crestani will teach about affiliate marketing and how to get started as an affiliate marker in the right way. In this week you will learn

  • How to Join Affiliate Networks like ClickBank, Jvzoo, etc.
  • Creating your first website and landing page.
  • Facebook Ads and other setups in the right way for your affiliate marketing promotions.
  • Niche Selection for your affiliate marketing business
  • A Bonus Video on completing your first week of training.

Week Two:- Affiliate Marketing Through Google Ads

In this week, you will learn how to promote your affiliate products through google/PPC ad campaigns. This might be the week where you can earn your first commissions as an affiliate marketer through SAS 3.0 training.

In the training, you will be shown how to get free ad credits from Google and start running your ads.

  • Google Search Ads setup and optimizing it for your affiliate promotions.
  • Google Display Ads setup, optimizing and running it profitably. The display campaign can generate 3x more results than a search campaign
  • Google Retargetting methods to grab your previous visitors data with pixel and convert them into buying customers.
  • Doing all the PPC Ads in the right way. So that the ad complies with google policies and you can generate high traffic and leads with lesser budget.

Week Three:- Affiliate Marketing Through YouTube Ads

In the third week, you can learn how to advertise and grow on YouTube in the right way to generate hundreds if not thousands of leads for your affiliate product promotions.

The videos will help you:

  • Set up your YouTube channel and start your first Ad campaign on youtube as a beginner.
  • Finding the right videos and channels to advertise your affiliate products.
  • Best YouTube Ad targetting method which can scale up your commissions into 1000$+ per day will be seen at 10: 56 in the video.
  • 7+ YouTube Ad mistakes which should be corrected while advertising on the platform.

Week Four:- Affiliate Marketing Through Facebook

In this week, you will be thought of how to advertise on Facebook and use one of the biggest social media platforms to generate passive income as a beginner with all your set up.

The videos in this week will help you learn:

  • Advance Facebook Ad tactics to target the right audience and scale up your profits.
  • The right way to set up Facebook Ads. The ads created by you should be complied with facebook policies to be approved.
  • Facebook Retargetting to scale you Income up to 10x with facebook pixel. This will result in high sales conversions from your previous visitors by retargeting. Thus you need an email list here.
  • A Bonus Video to ensure you have done everything in the right way by one of the mentors in the course.

Week Five:- Auto-pilot affiliate commissions for life

In this week, you will learn how to set up an affiliate website and send visitors to it through different ads. Later convert those visitors into buyer and earn passive income every day.

The videos will show you on:

  • How to set up your first affiliate website for generating 1000$’+  income on a regular basis. This all set up is done in a few clicks and you don’t need to be tech-savvy for this to happen.
  • Bigger Website mistakes to avoid. While creating an affiliate website there need some points to be considered to get going. All of this can be done very easily and is shown in the videos.
  • Split Testing Your Website for higher visitor conversions. By split testing your website you can see on how simple changes to your website can make a big difference in generating higher incomes over other websites.

Week Six:-  Scale your Online Marketing Business into a 6-7 Figure Income Stream 

This is the last week of the training and you will learn how to build your online empire and get income from your online assets with literally none competition in your space.

In this week, you will learn:

  • Scale up your online presence into a profitable business. This includes scaling up your Ads without hurting your ROI. This method will ensure you get higher passive profits.
  • Best affiliate offers to promote. Here learn how to find the best and high converting affiliate offers for your audience and get higher commissions paid from it.
  • Automate Each and Everything. The tactics learned in this course can be outsourced or you will be though on how to get profits on autopilot completely.
  • A Special Gift. On completion of this course, you will receive a very special gift which has the potential to change your life as an online marketer from John Crestani.

In this SIX weeks of training, you will be monitored and helped by John Crestani regarding setting up your accounts, optimizing your ad copies and one-on-one live discussions with the mentors and John Crestani himself.

This course is intended to make you an expert in internet marketing. So will you are watching the videos and you wanna skip any videos. If you try to watch further videos without completing your current week video. This is gonna show up:

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Training Videos
Super Affiliate System 3.0 Training Videos

The training doesn’t allow that. Because they don’t want you to miss out on any little detail during the course.

If you wanna, get access to all this training. Then I would highly recommend you to attend this webinar by John Crestani.

Get Access To Super Affiliate System 3.0 Free Webinar

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Bonuses & Resources:

In this super affiliate system 3.0 review. I will take you through the bonuses & resources along with the training. You will be getting high qualified bonuses and resources which will help you get started and grow as an affiliate marketer.

Users of SAS will get access to this by clicking on the “RESOURCES” tab and a page with all bonuses & resources should appear like this:-

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Free Resources
Super Affiliate System 3.0 Free Resources

These resources are worth $1000+ which you would be getting it for ‘FREE’ The major resources provided here and which will be helpful for you are listed down:-

Resources 1: Buyer Targeting Data

As a member of Super Affiliate System 3.0 (SAS). You will get access to the high converting buyer data. As a member, you can copy this buyer list and paste it on different advertising networks like facebook and google, etc.

Thus, the data is already proven to convert. You don’t need to do the hard yards to collect all the data by yourself. This makes pretty easy for everyone to just get started with ads and earn profits from their campaigns quickly.

Resource 2: Proven Ad Copies

In this resource, you will get access to the multiple ad copies to run advertising for your products. These all ad copies are proven to high converting and complies with the policies of all Ad networks.

Thus, you don’t need to work on creating your own ad copies. You can just copy and paste those ad copies into your campaign and run them. Thus in a way you are mimicking proven success. There’s absolutely no chance for your Ad campaigns to fail.

Resource 3Ready-Made Pre-sell Pages

As a beginner and you not being a programmer. There’s no issue in creating your first landing/ pre-sell pages. All of the work to create your pre-sell pages are done by the SAS team. You will be given access to the ready-made page templates which you can copy and paste. Later you can bring traffic on these pages through Ads for your affiliate promotions.

The pages provided to you are high converting. Thus, you can all focus on your Ad campaigns and generate results from there.

Resource 4: Affiliate Network Entry

Being a beginner it’s difficult to join top-tier affiliate programs with offers that pay high commissions. By joining the Super Affiliate System, you will automatically get access to the most exclusive affiliate networks with high commission and high-converting offers that will make you rich.

These affiliate programs have the potential to generate 500-1000$ per every sale with lesser refund possibilities.

Resource 5: Weekly Live Sessions

Since being a member of the super affiliate system. You have the advantage to participate in weekly live calls with John Crestani and other mentors in the training. In these sessions, John Crestani gets the chance to view your affiliate promotions and campaigns.

Thus, there will be high monitoring done for your work and the SAS team are always there to support you with any little issue 24×7 for 365 Days.

To attend the Coaching call you can register via your dashboards and you can register through a page which should look similar to this:-

Super Affiliate System - Scheduling Coaching Calls
Super Affiliate System – Scheduling Coaching Calls

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Pros & Cons:-

At the start of my blog post, I conclude SAS 3.0 is the only best course for affiliate marketing. But still, there are some pros and cons to this training.

This Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review (SAS 3.0) is incomplete without pros and cons. So here they are,


  • This course is 100% beginner-friendly.  A newbie with little to no idea about internet marketing can start this course and become an expert by the end of this training.
  • This training isn’t a get rich quick scheme. The mentors in the training take you step-by-step on how to implement each and everything perfectly. Thus it takes time for you to get going. But once you are set, you are gonna see some awesome results.
  • Mentors you come across during this training are multi-millionaires. Thus, you can be assured that you are in safe guidance and leadership.
  • Resources Worth of Thousand of Dollars is given away for FREE. The resources given in this course are pure ‘GOLD MINES’ for any affiliate marketer and more 70% of the work is done for you.
  • You being a Student (or) Employee (or) Un-employed (or) Business owner. All you need is to spend 3-4 Hrs daily on the internet and you can start your 6-7 figure Business.
  • During the course of this training their an easy chance for you to get your first online commission with in hand guidance.
  • This Super Affiliate System 3.0 is proven to be the most successful training provided for affiliate marketers up to date. There are tons of positive reviews and testimonials (CLICK HERE to check them).
  • John Crestani, the course creator himself has a weekly chance to look at your affiliate campaign through live sessions and help you with optimizing those campaigns with better copywriting and optimization techniques.
  • The SAS 3.0 is always ready to help you 24X7 with anything.
  • Super Affiliate System Training is always updating and powerful. There were other previous versions to this training. But as technology got updated. This training has become more and more powerful.


For a Master Piece Training like this, there are only a few cons that can come up. The listed cons are:

  • SAS 3.0 training is not a budget course. Since the course provided high value and guaranteed results. There’s no chance for this course to be cheaper.
  • The course only focuses on advertising affiliate products through different platforms. So individual with little to no budgets can’t run campaigns in the first place. But here, John Crestani comes with a solution to help users with free ads credits to get their first ad campaign live.

Super Affiliate System Review – Conclusion:

Since, through my super affiliate system 3.0 review post. You could have got an idea of what the course is all about. According to me, If you are that one person who’s desperate to get the online success and make money with passive income. Then there’s ain’t better training than this on the internet.

With people looking for cheap and effective courses for making money online end up being scammed. Those cheap courses are mostly full of crap and people teaching those don’t share their real earning secrets.

But whereas here in Super Affiliate System 3.0 Course, John Crestani shares all his step-by-step strategies, Buyer data, Working pre-sell pages, and this precious time for live calls with users.

Thus you should understand the value you are getting from this one course. Which can potentially change your life financially and you could live the life you dreamt. Finally, I wanna let you know this only happens with all of your Hard Work. So you need to be desperate, determined to work on your income goals, and take up this course.

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Check the sales page of SAS 3.0  (Only If, you have attended the above webinar)

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    If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with The 6-Week Super Affiliate System 3.0™ By John Crestani , you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside
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    entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

    John Crestani recommend you watch John’s training free class here to Register For John’s Training Class

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