In this Snapchat Genie 2.0 review, I’ll talk about why using Snapchat is important and get results using this product.

Snapchate Genie 2.0 is useful for people who are into:-

  • Listing Building
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Business
  • Consultant and Coaching

Snapchat Genie 2.0 Review

Product Name: Snapchat Genie 2.0

Product Type: Digital Product

Product Creator: Sumit Pradhan

Price: 9.95$

Sales Page: Click Here

Snapchat Genie 2.0 Review
Snapchat Genie 2.0 Review

About Snapchat Genie 2.0:

Snapchat genie 2.0 is a complete step-by-step guide on how to leverage Snapchat to get traffic to your business and get more leads by reaching more audiences.

This step-by-step formula is easily digestible and you can apply the strategies to grow on Snapchat as of Today with Snapchat Genie 2.0

Why Snapchat Now?

Well! If you’re thinking so…Then I would recommend you to look at these stats which says 210 Million monthly active users in 2019 on Snapchat

Snapchat has surely made a big mark in the social media space. Being an affiliate marketer and someone who is interested in making money online. Then Snapchat is definitely a great traffic source for you.

Snapchat Genie 2.0 Features:

Snapchat genie 2.0 will help you generate both free and paid traffic using Snapchat. Reasons why this product is good:-

  • It helps you with step-by-step underground growth strategies on Snapchat
  • These methods are completely up-to-date with the current online market.
  • You will be taught, how to increase Snapchat followers on a daily basis
  • Pretty much anyone who’s looking to make money can leverage this
  • Free Bonuses which are worth more than 500$
  • Even if you’re a newbie. You can easily start using Snapchat and grow with this
  • A big bonus of ‘How To Make 1K Per Day – Live Training‘ only for the first 300 buyers

There are few online marketers who are teaching Snapchat marketing and there will be lesser sound to cut through for any newbie on Snapchat.

If you’re starting with a low budget and want to leverage the internet to make money. Then using Snapchat you promote any kind of business to generate results.

Snapchat Genie 2.0 Pro’s and Con’s:

There is definitely a major advantage if you purchase Snapchat Genie 2.0. But I want to list some pro’s and con’s here.


  • This course isn’t priced at 997$. Instead, it’s valued at less than 10$.
  • Complete beginner-friendly process
  • A smartphone to enough to start the process
  • Snapchat traffic is very unsaturated and this opportunity could be a real ‘gold’
  • Massive bonuses to grab with the initial purchase
  • No website and few tech skills needed
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Since it’s priced at 9.95$ at launch. It might increase after a period of time.

Free Snapchat Genie 2.0 Bonuses

With the purchase of Snapchat Genie 2.0. The creator ‘Sumit Pradhan’ is giving away 5 bonuses to the users.

Bonus 1: $1k A Day LIVE Training – Worth $1,997

Snapchat Genie 2.0 - Bonus

In this bonus, you will be taken through a ”LIVE TRAINING” in which some secret methods will be shared which has already helped 2000+ people around the globe to make 1K per day.

The whole system is completely proven and works on automation.

Bonus 2: 21 Snapchat Marketing Tricks 2.0

Snapchat Genie 2.0 - Bonus

In this bonus, you will get access to these ’21 Snapchat Marketing Tips’ which are not available on the internet. These exact steps will help you with follower growth.

Bonus 3: Untold Secrets on Getting Massive Traffic From Snapchat

Snapchat Genie 2.0 - Bonus

This bonus is all about Snapchat traffic and engagement. These secret strategies will help you focus on the targeted audience and engage with them.

Such audience will help you grow the revenue and can help you make more commissions.

Bonus 4: Dominating Your Market With Snapchat Marketing 2.0

Snapchat Genie 2.0 - Bonus

Since Snapchat isn’t leveraged by many marketers. Mostly all of them SPAM others with their common mistakes. Since Snapchat is different, this bonus will help you look more authentic and will help you with not spamming others.

Bonus 5: Snapchat Marketing Secrets

Snapchat Genie 2.0 - Bonus

In this bonus, you will get help with setting up your Snapchat account, theme, and stories. This way you look professional on Snapchat and all set to go with Snapchat Genie 2.0


At the end of this Snapchat Genie review, I wanna conclude that if you are struggling to make money (or) you wanna earn more. Then try it and leverage the Snapchat.

Because it’s still beginning of the ‘Snapchat Marketing’. There are not really big players utilizing Snapchat for their advantage. It’s always gonna be easy to the first few marketers and build their audience on ‘Snapchat’

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