In this Secrets-Dot Instagram lab Review, I’ll talk about the product which is a video training and I will describe the features, pros, and cons in the article.

Firstly, let’s talk about Instagram.

According to Sprout Social, Instagram had over 1 Billion active users on a monthly basis.

Every marketer’s wish is to be on Instagram today and leverage the big opportunity of traffic, leads, and sales.

So let us dive deep into this ‘Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab’ which assures that it could help us grow on Instagram.

Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab Overview

Product Name: Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab

Product Type: Video Training

Product Creator: Emiliano

Price: 12$

Money back guarantee: 30 days money back guarantee

Sales Page: Click Here

Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab Review
Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab Review

About Secrets-Dot:

Secrets-Dot is a video course created by ‘Emiliano’. He’s been an ad expert for over 5 years now and had successfully run campaigns for different types of business and products

Secrets-Dot is a video course that teaches you ‘How To Run Ads’ on Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

This ‘Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab’ is a specific course designed to learn on ‘How To Run Ads on Instagram’. In the Ads, it’s all about placing your product and service in front of hundreds of right people with a working ad budget.

Since there are millions of users every week on Instagram and it’s the biggest social media today. Leveraging Instagram is the best option for any marketer and business owner.

Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab – Inside The Course

This video series has already trained over 4000+ people around the globe and if you’re passionate to grow on Instagram. Then you can be one of them after you purchase this course. There are totally 12 videos inside the ‘Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab’ course

Video 1: Instagram Ads Overview

Video 2: Why to leverage Instagram Ads?

Video 3: Facebook Ads Manager Intro

Video 4: Instagram Ads objectives and Goals

Video 5: Instagram Targeting Overview and Strategies

Video 6: Laser Targeting Your Audience (Geo Targeting Included)

Video 7: Right Ad Placements

Video 8: Choose Your Best Budgets

Video 9: Create an Ad from scratch

Video 10: Instagram Ads Management from the App

Video 11: All Types of Ads on Instagram

Video 12: Proven Strategies by ‘Emiliano’

Once you get access to the whole video series. It’s not necessary to watch the all videos at once. The information in the video can be too much to grasp. Just watch it step-by-step until you understand.

Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab Bonuses

With this purchase of ‘Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab’. Emiliano has decided to give two free bonuses for you. They are

Bonus 1: Audio of the Entire Course

In this bonus, you will get the audio version for each video of this course. If you’re into podcasts and more comfortable through listening and then learning the stuff. Then this will help you.

Bonus 2: Top Ad Samples

In this bonus, you will get access to a few high converting Ad samples on Instagram, and by looking at these samples. You can mimic the working parts of the sample and make your Ad copy effective.

Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab OTO’s:

As I mentioned ‘Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab’ is a special Ad course on Instagram. Similarly, there are two oto’s. One is a downsell and the other is the upsell of this course.

OTO 1: Secrets-Dot Google Ads Mastery Course (27$)

This is an Upsell of the ‘Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab’. In this course, you will learn, how to run Google ads from scratch.

From finding keywords to creating an ad copy and later re-targeting campaigns. Everything is included.

OTO 2: Secrets-Dot Facebook Ad Mastery Course (17$)

In this Facebook ad mastery course, you’ll learn how to leverage Facebook ads manager for your campaigns on Facebook itself.

Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab Pros and Cons

Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab does come with some pros and as well as with little cons according to me. They are:-


  • It’s cheaper than other Instagram Mastery Courses. People are selling Instagram courses for 997$ and this course is just for 12$
  • You can contact Emiliano to guide you. If something occurs
  • There little trial and error involved. Since Emiliano as done this before. You will have lesser chance to fail at Insta ads after going through this course
  • 30 days money-back guarantee available


  • This course will teach you paid strategies and if you’re looking for free growth strategies. Then this isn’t for you.


At the end of this review, I have to share whether it’s best to purchase this.

Look ‘Secrets-Dot Instagram Lab’ is a good course for beginners and to those people who wanna see rapid growth on Instagram. Along with rapid growth, you can see better and faster results.

Honestly, I have been leveraging Instagram growth strategies from the past one year. More than free and organic Instagram strategies. Paid strategies can work 10X better only if you do it right. So all I can recommend you is to go through the course and try for yourself.

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