Are You a Business Owner Or a Blogger?

If you have websites and landing pages where you promote your Content, product, service, and offers. But you are finding it though to generate traffic on them and that too, laser targetted traffic!! Right?

Have you tried Ranking your webpages on google? But that takes time.

You might have used Facebook Ads for leads Or Traffic. But you aren’t a FB campaign expert and you are on a low budget too.

As a Beginner and being on a low budget. You can generate traffic through “Pinterest” which costs nothing and It doesn’t take time to see results unlike you see for Google SEO.

Pinterest Marketing in 2019
Pinterest Marketing in 2020

Why Pinterest For Your Business:

Pinterest is undoubtedly the desired platform for conversions and engagements. Pinterest is the most unsaturated Social Media Platform when compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Internet had become a competitive space and people around the globe are leveraging major and familiar traffic sources for free traffic generation. 

With people barging on Facebook and Twitter for traffic. There a sense of high competition for online marketers on those platforms. More often than not Major brands, Experts and Infulenecer will be running their own show on Facebook and Twitter. As a Beginner, it’s hard for you to sustain and see results coming in quickly for your efforts.

Thus by keeping Major and Most used platforms aside for your FREE Traffic. You need to focus on Pinterest for your Business, Blog, and Services. There’s always a higher chance on Pinterest to get ”FREE Laser Targeted traffic” for your Niche with less effort and time.

Here are the Some Reasons on WHY you need to Join and leverage Pinterest Marketing:

  •  More than 250 Million Users are on Pinterest around the globe and people on Pinterest are of Various age groups.
  • Since the availability of all age grouped audience. Pinterest is suitable for any type of businesses which are into Ecom Stores, Physical Stores, Marketing and Other services.
  • Pinterest has a majority of the Female audience on the platform. Thus brands targetting female audience should leverage Pinterest.
  • Pinterest will contribute to most of the referral traffic in your analytics. This is because users are more open to marketing.
  • Pinterest has Much Buying Traffic. In 2015 Media Study, It’s been found that 67% of Pinners consult Pins on their mobile devices while shopping in stores, making it important for retailers to add high quality, impactful Pins that help people.
  • Pinterest is a massive search engine by itself. Thus by optimizing your Pins proper and showing much engagement on the platform will lead your Brand to go viral and Rank for Search Terms.
Pinterest For Your Business
Pinterest For Your Business

How To Set up & Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 2020:

It’s important for you to follow a strategy and pattern which will help you grow on Pinterest within time. Back then in 2014 Or so, it was Damn easy to grow on Pinterest. In 2020, Pinterest has spread around the market and many Brands/Business are leveraging Pinterest for their business.

You being a Newbie Or Someone who has been using Pinterest for a while should follow these strategies to get going on this platform. These are the top techniques to grow on Pinterest.

1)Set up a Business (Or) Personal Account:

Click Here: Create Your Business Account

If you are looking to grow your Business/Brand. Then create a Business Account to get started. By choosing a Business account, this will help you keep in track with your Pinterest activities in the Analytics section and you get access to Rich Pins, Promoted Pins.

If you are an Individual. A personal account is all good. You can also choose the Business account which let’s have additional features which can help you.

2)Organizing Your Account:

Set up your Profile with relevant data and information. Add your website/blog to your profile and claim it. In this way, the visitors who land on your Pinterest profile can click on your website’s link and become your website visitor.

Create your boards related to your niche. Narrow down your Boards according to your Niche and organize them.

For Example, If you are into Online Marketing. Create Boards like Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online, CPA Marketing and so on. Create as many as you can!

Once you Boards are created. Add relevant pins to those boards frequently.

3)Grow Your Followers:

Once you fill up your boards with good pins. Search for your audience via typing your keyword in the Pinterest search bar.

Now sort out the top profiles form the search suggestion.

Done?….. Not Yet!

Follow their audience and let them follow you back. Thus, this is how you grab your followers.

4)Create Pins:

You can create your Pins for your account using Canva.


You can Opt to Buy out My Services. In which I will manage your Pinterest account.

Having good design and great content on Pins are important. Because Pins are only things that visitors or searchers see on Pinterest. Thus having an eye-catching Verticals as your Pins will help you get clicks and click-through rates.

5)Pin Optimization:

Choose the best titles and description for your pins. Keep in mind that your Pins should redirect the viewers to the relevant topic mentioned in the Pin.

People who pin regular are called as Pinners. These pinners usually land on your Pins through Search results, promoted pins and best suggestions.

You need to understand that Pinterest in a Big Search Engine and your Pins can rank for search terms by optimizing them properly.

Placing your Keywords in your Pin Titles and Descriptions are important. Let your Titles and description be relevant and shouldn’t look spammy.

#Hashtags are important Too! This is where most of the people miss a trick…

Hashtags send a good signal to Pinterest which signifies what’s your Pin is all about.

6)Join Group Boards To Expand your Reach:

Group Boards in 2020 do work the best. Pins from Group Boards tens to get high search because it’s been shown up to a high number of audience and Pinterest likes to boost up the pins from the group boards more often.

Groups Boards have the potential to give you the Buyer Traffic. Majority of buyers that come to Pinterest are from those Group Boards.

Undoubtedly uploading your Pins on Groups Boards potentially boosts your Traffic and generate more clicks, views, and impressions.

How To Automate Your Pinterest Marketing:

In 2020, doing Pinterest Marketing has taken a new turn. What if I tell you, Once you sort your strategy to market on Pinterest. You can automate almost everything without spending even minutes per day on the Pinterest platform.

Automation on Pinterest is the most powerful thing that can be done to grow your Business on Pinterest. Many businesses out there don’t find enough time to leverage social media channels for their marketing.

Since you have the idea of how useful is Pinterest for your business and traffic generation. With automation in your hands, it just gets much easier for your business to grow.

Pinflux 2- The Best Pinterest Marketing Automation Software:

Pinflux is an established application with Thousands of trusted users managing and growing their Pinterest accounts with it.

It is a true point and clicks traffic-getting machine.

Wiping out hours and days of backbreaking work on Pinterest…

Eliminating boring, tiring, repetitive tasks…

Sidestepping all the frustrating guesswork…


Allowing you to start extracting real leads and cash-waving buyers from Pinterest with just a few simple taps!

Pinflux 2 - Best Pinterest Automation Marketing Tool in 2019
Pinflux 2 – Best Pinterest Automation Marketing Tool
Pinflux 2 - Automatic Pinterest Marketing Tool in 2019

Pinflux 2 – Features:

With few clicks on your desktop/pc. You can completely automate your Pinterest Marketing and your Pinterest growth in 2020. By using Pinflux you can:

  • Quick & Easy Setup: No API required! 1-Click easy setup without the hassles of permissions and approvals.
  • Multiple Accounts: You can Handle Multiple Pinterest accounts in this software and set automation rules for each individual account at one place.
  • Schedule Your Pins: Automate Pinning regularly on the platform without getting your hands on to your Lappy/Desktop.
  • AutoFollow Boards: Helps with following those bigger boards on Pinterest and obtain free contain form them.
  • Automatic Unfollow: Automatically get rid of the people who don’t follow you back with the unfollow feature.
  • Find quality repins: Find the highest quality posts that you can repin to get traffic and also to get dibs with fellow marketers.
  • Reporting: Complete reporting of every activity that the software does. Always know what’s working and what’s not.

Pinflux 2 Demo:

Pinflux 2 - Automatic Pinterest Marketing Tool in 2019


As a Pinterest user Or Blogger Or Business Owner. I will always look to grow my Pinterest account to get more visibility, Traffic, Leads, and Sales from a FREE Traffic source.

Pinterest Marketing is still an Untapped strategy for many, even in 2020. Because of higher competition and saturation on other Social Media platforms. It’s always an easier and potential way to grow your Brand/Business using Pinterest.

To make things way easier, Pinflux 2 – The Only Automation Software you need to grow on Pinterest is available in the market. With little to no investment, you can get your hands on something powerful and time saving for your business in 2020.

Pinflux 2 is a complete steal of a deal. I myself charge 100’s of Dollars to handle other Pinterest accounts for their business. Buying out a software something to this is a much efficient than hiring a freelancer on recurring payment to handle your Pinterest account.

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