According to Statista, Google Ads revenue was estimated at 134 Billion Dollars in 2019. By looking at such numbers, you already know there are big players in the market with a big budget for Ads.

They can completely dominate the market. But you will be surprised to see, How Google Ads are effective even for low budget advertisers. If done right, you can be generating higher ad profit margins when compared to other big-budget campaigns.

If you have a small business and not leveraging PPC advertising. Then you’re missing on a lot of potential in growing your business. Here are the reasons why you should run PPC campaigns:-

  • Reach Your Local Audience
  • Build Your Brand
  • Drive Buying Customers
  • Track Complete Process

To run PPC campaigns successfully at a low budget. I am gonna share ‘5 Ways To Optimize Your PPC Campaign with a low budget’

1) Search For Long Tail, Low Competitive and Search Intent Keywords

As you are looking to optimize your campaigns with a low budget. Selecting keywords is the very first step to your process.

Never go after ‘generic’ and ‘broad’ keywords for your PPC campaigns in this scenario. Because there will be big brands who will be spending a lot of money on such keywords and even if you choose such keywords. There is no chance that your Ads will be seen on the top of other advertisers

You can run PPC campaigns with broad and generic keywords when:

  • Have High Ad Budget
  • Wanna Run a Brand Awareness campaign
  • Not looking for immediate sales and only looking to get as many eyeballs as you could

One good example of generic and broad keyword is in the health & fitness industry that is ‘keto’ which you shouldn’t select. Instead, research thoroughly for the long tail versions of it.

Optimize PPC Campaign With Right Keywords

Then choose keywords like ‘Keto diet plan for weight loss’ and ‘Keto supplement for weight loss’. Analyze whether your business qualifies searcher intends and keywords that your targeting is super relevant. This example is If you are supposedly running PPC ads for a Keto diet and supplement.

Note: If you’re running ads for local businesses. Then make sure to add keywords which include ‘near me’ and buying intend terms which are likely to generate traffic that can convert.

2) Dump Negative Keywords

Once you have the set of keywords to run as an ad campaign. Monitor each click that you have generated from your keywords.

In your Adwords dashboard, go to the ‘keywords’ tab and click on ‘search terms’. You can see the for which particular term you have generated the ‘click’

If the ‘search terms’ are not super relevant and doesn’t meet the criteria. Then ‘Dump These Keywords’.

Dump Negative Keyword To Optimize PPC Ad At Low Budget

If you’re running a PPC campaign on the low budget then there are two types of keywords in ‘Search Terms’ that you need to remove:-

  • Under-Performing and High CPC keywords (expensive keywords)
  • Irrelevant Keywords

High CPC keywords can be ‘broad’ keywords and keywords with high competition. Some of these keywords might underperform i.e, these keywords will bring you traffic but not sales. This means by including such keywords you are spending money for very little results.

Irrelevant keywords are those which include words like ‘free’ and other terms that are not even related to your business and ad. Add such keywords as negative.

As you start an Ad campaign on Google Adwords. For an initial period of time, Google is gonna show your Ads to the people whose searches may seem relevant to your Ad.

So it’s important that you give enough information to Google related to your campaign and dump the negative keywords. This will help you get targeted clicks for your campaigns.

Note: Before running an Ad campaign add a ‘negative keyword list’. So that your ad doesn’t show up to irrelevant searches. Always monitor your ‘Search Terms’ tab in Google Adwords. So that you don’t lose money on unnecessary clicks.

3) Create Single Keyword Groups

The best way to boost your PPC campaigns is to focus on a few working keywords and run them as each individual Ad group. These ‘small Ad groups’ are where you should be focusing. Try to put your big portion of your budget into such ad groups for better results.

These single specific Ad groups are named as ‘SKAG’. SKAG stands for a single keyword ad group. These SKAG’s are gonna play a major part in your Ad campaign success.

Why SKAG’s work best:-

  • You are gonna be biding on the keyword that has proven to work for you
  • Since you have run an Ad copy already which worked well with the keyword. Spending more budget on these SKAG’s will increase your ROAS
  • SKAG lets your ‘Ad Campaign’ be more specific which is great because now ‘Google’ knows exactly where to place your ad.

There is already enough proof on the internet to tell you, How SKAG ad groups can increase your sales

4) Leverage Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is yet the most budget-friendly and high converting ad campaign to choose. Once you have little data to work with.

Inside the Google Adwords dashboard, you can analyze your audience on the basis of your age, gender, demographic, and much more. This data is taken by ‘Google Tag’ which was placed on your landing page. This tracks the whole user journey.

Why you need to leverage re-marketing campaigns:-

  • These campaigns will be less costly
  • Since the people have already viewed your ads previously. It’s gonna be easier for people to trust you
  • You know to whom exactly these Ads will be shown

Mostly the ‘Re-targeting ads’ are gonna be display ads. Since people went through your sales funnel. Whenever they see your display ad, they know whose ad they are looking at.

Once you know, which higher percentage group of your audience is clicking your ad and not converting. You can create a separate re-marketing campaign for your audience and target them specifically.

5) Optimize Ads According To Quality Score Measures

Your Ad ‘Quality Score’ is the most important metric to check. It helps you with ‘How Good Your Ad is Gonna Perform’

Because Google relies on the relevancy of targeting and user experience with your ads. If your keywords are perfectly relevant with your ad copy and your landing page is user friendly along with being relevant. Then that’s a good indication for Google that it should push your ads and show it to more people.

You can check your ‘Quality Score’ for your each keyword within Google Adwords.

  • Click on the ‘Keywords’ tab from your left menu
  • Click on ‘the column’ options and proceed with modify columns
  • Then search for ‘Quality score’ and select the option
  • Now, you can see the ‘Quality score’ for each keyword in each ad groups
Quality Score For Optimizing PPC Campaigns At Low Budget

This is will help you determine which keywords suit which ad group and which ad copy. Thus you can use this for SKAG’s and increase your ‘Quality Score’ for that single keyword

The ad relevancy depends upon on your content in the Ad copy like your ‘Headline’ and ‘Description’. As long as your ‘Headline’ and ‘Description’ is relevant to your target keyword. Then your quality will be high

And also ‘Quality score’ does majorly depend upon your landing page. Make sure the content on the landing page is relevant and landing page load faster for a better user experience. Thus a better landing page equals better user experience and better ‘Quality score’.

Choose the best landing page builder that can help you build a complete sales funnel for your Ad campaign.


By the above 5 optimizing techniques. You can run a PPC campaign at a low budget. Most of these tips are focused on setting up a campaign successful inside the Google Adwords and this is just one part of a successful campaign.

To run a PPC campaign as an advertiser, you should focus on your customer first. Think in their shoes and experience their journey.

In the last optimizing tip, How I mentioned user experience is important. Without a good user experience, you won’t convert any audience. The best user experience will lead you to the best results.

You need to analyze about your customers and their journey regarding:-

  • How a customer searches on Google
  • How they see your ad and click it
  • How they would interact with your landing page
  • What will make them be your customer

With all these things done right. You are good to optimize PPC campaigns at low budget too.

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