In 2020, the best sustainable business according to me is starting a ‘WordPress Agency‘. There are many other ways to make money from WordPress.

But here, I will talk about a long term sustainable WordPress business which you can start from scratch.

More Than 30% of the websites on the Internet are being created from the WordPress platform. You being a Non-Techy and unfamiliar with any coding can start a website/blog on WordPress with ease.

Yet, it’s easy for anyone to start a website/blog on WordPress. But essentially as one start’s doing regular stuff with WordPress. There comes a point where you need to be comfortable with coding and maintenance of the website.

This is were most of the businesses on the Internet do. They either hire a Team (OR) a Freelancer to maintain and develop their WordPress websites.

What’s a WordPress Agency:

WordPress agency is the WordPress development & maintenance services which helps in maintaining WordPress websites on the Internet. WordPress agency is the one-stop solution for WordPress websites in need of help.

The services provided by an agency would be Creating Responsive Sites, Doing SEO, Website Development and Maintaining the site’s performance.

WordPress Development Agency Services in 2019
WordPress Development Agency Services

There are a lot of businesses on the Internet with WordPress websites. They don’t find enough time to maintain these websites and grow them on the Internet. Thus, these business owners hire a team or a bunch of freelancers to do such work.

For a beginner on the Internet. It’s hard to start an agency. If you are someone who’s familiar with WordPress and knows all the tactics to grow a website online. Being a WordPress service provider it’s necessary for you to know all the On-Page SEO, Basic Graphic work and good at content writing.

Most of the cases, you might not need such skills. But having them gives you an edge from the competition.

Why WordPress Development Services:

Getting started with a WordPress website on your own and looking to earn with Google Adsense. Even though it’s a good way to make money from WordPress . But it is much time consuming and as a beginner, it’s not gonna be easy.

Why Start WordPress Business in 2019
Why Start WordPress Business

Some of the Reasons to start WordPress Maintenance Services are:-

  • It’s gonna take less set-up cost. WordPress websites need Hosting, Themes a Plugins to get started. All this will be taken care of by your client.
  • You can charge your clients based on your effort and time. work is not Result-Oriented.
  • You can start this business of maintaining WordPress websites from scratch.
  • No need to blog/vlog all day. Content will be provided by the businesses.
  • No need for creating Products and market them from scratch
  • No hassle with any physical selling.
  • This Business Model is long-lasting
  • Manage Multiple Clients and scale up to Six Figures Income.

How To Make Money From WordPress in 48 Hrs:

Now That, you know the best WordPress Business to start online and make money from WordPress. As I talked about providing WordPress Maintenance services for clients on the Internet. It’s a difficult task for most of us to find clients online and get paid from them.

In 2020, it’s become easier to find clients and start a WordPress Agency with the help of a Software called Matic Press.

Matic Press WordPress Agency Software
Matic Press

Get Access To Matic Press

Matic Press is all in one solution for starting your WordPress Agency. This Sofware suite helps you with Finding Clients & Creating, Developing, Maintaining, Marketing their WordPress websites. This is a cloud-based platform where you can handle your client’s websites at one place with few clicks.

No other is possible to make money from WordPress within 48hrs. But by providing WordPress services and finding a client to pay for it can be done in 48hrs. By far this is the “Best Way To Make Money From WordPress”  from scratch in 2020. 

This Online Business is a long-lasting business model. You are sure to get all the tools and training in “Matic Press” to start your WordPress agency all alone. Once you go through the software suite and understand this.

You will be able to get a client in 48Hrs with all proven tactics and land these clients on recurring payouts. Thus, this business can be your first Six or Seven Figure Income stream.

MaticPress Agency

Matic Press is a 4 in 1 Software suite for your WordPress development services. These 4 Softwares are:-

1)MaticPress Cloud Agency App:

This Software allows you to integrate all your Client’s WordPress websites in one cloud platform and do your WordPress activities for your clients at one place.

MaticPress Cloud Agency App
MaticPress Cloud Agency App

This lets you organize all your client’s websites, make changes likes Updating & Installing themes, plugins. Here you are supposed to have entire control on the websites. You can make landing pages, Do Software Integrations, SSL Installations, SEO Optimizations and Much more at one place.


Get Access To Matic Press

2)PowerPress Software:

PowerPress helps you with all the website and landing page creation. This software consists of Pre-Built Themes, Pages and Layouts which will help in your client’s WordPress websites from scratch. These Pre-Built templates are high converting and are proven designs.

Power Press
Power Press Software

All the Templates provided in this suite are mobile-friendly. Here you are gonna get multiple Header styles and layouts with each template to make the website more engaging.


Get Access To Matic Press

3)MaticPress Invoice Manager:

MaticPress Invoice Manager helps you with all the Invoice maintenance for your client’s website. For a WordPress service provider, it’s important to keep multiple clients account intact at one place. This software helps you with creating the invoices and sending them to the clients in one place.

MaticPress Invoice Manager
MaticPress Invoice Manager

This tool lets you create unlimited invoices and have your payment gateway set-up for your clients to make the payments. In case, you are maintaining 5+ WordPress in a Month. This will save a lot of time for your business.

This software has a feature which enables you to create customized email templates for sending emails to your clients.


Get Access To Matic Press

4)MaticPress Client Getting Training:

Here, you would get access to training modules which will help you to land your clients and get paid by providing your WordPress services. These videos are of high quality and will help you with all the information to hire clients and outsource your work too.

MaticPress Client-Getting Training
MaticPress Client-Getting Training

This training will helps you to sort out the “High Paying Clients”. By the help of this training, you will confidently find your clients and get your deal done with no hassle. Once for all, you will learn how to outsource this entire process and make money from WordPress for just communicating.

Get Access To Matic Press

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