Clickfunnels is a smart and the most loved funnel builder software in the current online marketing niche.

But it’s not that easy to use clickfunnels when compared to other funnel builders.

Thus as a beginner, you may get a bit confused at the start. In this post, I will show you how to delete a funnel in clickfunnels

No matter which plans you have purchased for Clickfunnels. The steps to delete a funnel are the same.

In addition to deleting a funnel. I will also show you how to delete pages in clickfunnels.

How To Delete a Funnel

The reason to delete a funnel could be to free up some space and create new funnels. Since Clickfunnels don’t give you access to build unlimited funnels.

Once you reach the limit. You have to delete older funnels and create new funnels for your business.

You can’t completely delete a funnel inside the Clickfunnel system. But you can archive the funnel which you don’t need and you can always ‘restore the same funnel’ later.

The best part is that you can eventually use the free space that was created when the funnel was archived.

Let me show you in steps to do this…..

Step 1: Select the Funnel which you want to delete

Log into your Clickfunnels account and select the funnel which you want to delete

Once done! Tap on the settings icon on the top right of your funnel

Step 2: Archive Your Funnel

Inside the settings, scroll down to the bottom. You will find a option ‘Archive Funnel’. By clicking on it your funnel will be added to your archives

Once your funnel is archived. You can notice that the funnel count is reduced to a new number. Thus you can use the free space to create new funnels

Remember you can always find your archived funnels in your ‘Archived Section’. Where all your archive funnels are saved.

If you ever want to get your archived funnels back. You can go to the ‘Archived Section’ and click on the ‘Restore’ option to get it back.

How To Delete A Funnel In Clickfunnels - Archive

Once the restore is done. Your funnel is back and you can use for your marketing.

This is my detailed explanation on – How to delete funnels in your Clickfunnels account

As promised in the begininng . I will show you ‘How to delete pages in Clickfunnels’

How To Delete Pages in ClickFunnels

Deleting pages in your funnels is pretty easy!

All you need to do is go to funnel and select the page you wanna delete. You will find a cross (X) symbol beside it.

Just click on that symbol and your page will be deleted from that funnel

Once the page is deleted. You can create a new page as you wanted inside your funnel

Do check this YouTube Video :

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