Click Wealth System Review

There are people struggling online to make atleast a dime, and on the other end, people are working to make a living on the internet.

In both cases, people are not satisfied with what they are making from the internet. If you’re a marketer and you feel the same way. Then, you need to change your thinking and approach towards online marketing and affiliate marketing in general.

These days affiliate marketing doesn’t make you money as it used to in the past years. There are new strategies in the market, and people are aware of what you’re selling to them.

So you need to develop an affiliate marketing system (or) funnel to generate results for you. There are affiliate marketing systems like the 12-minute affiliate system, which can help you ease up the processing of building lnading pages, getting traffic, and making passive income online

Click Wealth System is one such systems that can help you generate income online. This system allows you to simplify the entire process of executing marketing funnels.

Click Wealth System promises that it can help you generate your first paycheck online. It is a product on ‘ClickBank,’ a market place for online products. It’s 100% genuine, and no scam involved with it. When you purchase this product.

Click Wealth System Overview

Product NameClick Wealth System
Product TypeDigital Product
Product CreatorMatthew Tang
Price9$ (14 Days Trail)
Official SiteClick Here
Money-Back Guarantee60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What is Click Wealth System

Click Wealth System is a 100% done-for-you affiliate marketing system that helps you build an opt-in page, generate traffic, and do email marketing. In short, this system looks after each aspect of your affiliate marketing to give you good results.

It is a beginner-friendly product to use, and if you are someone with experience of handling your own affiliate marketing business. Then Click Wealth System isn’t the product for you.

But you are some who are doing affiliate marketing with no landing pages and no email autoresponders. Then Click Wealth System is a nice deal for you. It offers you all the tools needed for affiliate marketing in one place.

It has a trial offer, where you can use the system for 14 days for 9$ and understand whether this system does satisfy your marketing needs (or) not.

Benefits of Using Click Wealth System

Click Wealth System sounds like a simple and yet effective system for marketers. But it does come up with some noticeable benefits for beginners who are interested in purchasing such product.

Opt-in Page Builder and Email Autoresponder Integration

If you know anything about building an affiliate marketing funnel. Then you know that creating a funnel from scratch can take a lot of effort and it’s costly too. Click Wealth System provides you with built-in

  • Opt-in Page Builder
  • Email Autoresponder Integration

To build an opt-in page (or) a landing page isn’t cheap. Many landing page builders are available like ClickFunnel alternatives, which doesn’t cost you 97$ per month, But still, they charge you more than what Click Wealth System is offering.

Now, you know building an opt-in itself is going to charge you some money. Besides this purchasing an email autoresponder and integrating it with your opt-in pages will cost you little more money. So you either go with GetRepsonde (or) Aweber for your email marketing for free and use it in your Click Wealth System.

Opt-in pages and email autoresponders are the two essential parts of any funnel. The whole system is automated once you are done with setting up your landing pages and autoresponders. As a marketer, your job is to get the traffic and watch the leads coming into your email list. Later, you can re-target the leads with your email marketing strategies.

If you’re struggling to get traffic for your affiliate offers. I will share with you on how to use the Click Wealth System to generate traffic with a push of the button.

Budget-Friendly and Beginner Friendly

Click Wealth System has a trial period of 14 days. You can pay just 9$ and get the whole done-for-you system for 14 days. You can either implement your own strategies (or) you can use methods provided inside the system for better results.

Thus, by using an affiliate system for 14 days for 9$ is a complete worth of a try if you’re looking to make passive income online

Besides being a budget-friendly system, it is a very beginner-friendly system to use, and with the beginner-friendly tutorials being provided inside the system. It makes it easier for anyone to use it

For any beginner, it’s essential to choose the right product for making money. You can follow the steps and the checklist provided inside the Click Wealth System. The simple process of making your sales funnels will help you generate better results for your marketing efforts

Generating Traffic Within The System

By using Click Wealth System, it’s easy to build your own sales funnel and convert your traffic into leads. But the essential part of the system is traffic. This is where most of the affiliate marketers and beginners struggle to find laser targeted traffic

Click Wealth System Review - Free Traffic as a Bonus

To make it easier for you, it helps you generate traffic inside their system. As a member of the Click Wealth System, they will provide free 100-500 clicks, which you can use to covert as your leads.

There is another section of Click Wealth System, which helps you generate traffic by spending pennies on dollars. There are these specific traffic vendors who will be sending traffic to your opt-in pages. These vendors are/can be called as ‘Solo Ad Vendors’. The vendors will drive real and targeted traffic to your opt-in pages.

The traffic will be converted into leads and they will join your email list. Email swipes are provided for you, and with the help of your email autoresponder, you can retarget your leads.

Customer Support

Click Wealth System does provide good customer support. A member of the system can always contact the customer support team by using the chatbot inside the dashboard

By purchasing this system, you will also get access to join the private Facebook group of Click Wealth System, said by the product creator. Inside the Facebook group, you can ask your questions and get help from others who are doing affiliate marketing like you

Customer support is the one thing you want to look up to when you’re are a newbie and using a system for the very first time. Even though the inside set-up is very beginner-friendly and I don’t think anyone should worry about using Click Wealth System, even if you are a newbie.

How Click Wealth System Works

Click Wealth System is working on a simple process of connecting your target customers with your offer. The important part of the work is setting up the funnel and bringing traffic to your affiliate offers

It is so simple that, you can build your funnel within a few minutes by using these simple steps

  • Create an Opt-in Page

Go the ‘Profit Page’ section in your Click Wealth System dashboard. Select the best opt-in page from the multiple options provided inside the dashboard.

Note: The opt-in pages are created and hosted by the system. You don’t need to purchase the best and affordable web hosting for your opt-in pages

Click Wealth System Review - Optin Pages
  • Connect an Email Autoresponder

Sign for a free account on GetResponse (or) Aweber. Once you have registered for your email autoresponder. Connect your email autoresponder to your opt-in page.

  • Generate Traffic

This system make it convenient to get your traffic from the system. You can either choose the free 100 clicks (or) you choose any solo ad vendor to get the best targeted traffic you want for good results

Click Wealth System Review - Generate Traffic
Solo Ad Traffic
Click Wealth System Review - Generate Free Traffic From Different Sources
Free Traffic

Click Wealth System – Upsells

Click Wealth System does have three upsells for you. These will help you with the purchase of the system. In this part, I want to share about three upsells that you’re likely to see when you purchase Click Wealth System.

Upsell 1: Profit Activator

With the product’s purchase, you get an upsell for-profit activator, a plugin that helps customize your opt-in pages and make them efficient for better conversations.

This profit activator will enable the pop-ups that you can see at the bottom of your opt-in pages to make your opt-in pages look more personalized and get good conversion rates from them

Upsell 2: Click Profit Multiplier

This upsell allows you to access the built-in email marketing system. Which will help you get the top converting email swipes for your offers.

At the push of a button you will generate unique email swipes for the best selling offers for your systems, enabling you to get better results.

Upsell 3: 5x Profit Sites

5x Profit Sites lets you have access to the professionally designed and high converting opt-in pages for your offer.

You can select from these five opt-in page templates. You can include your offer in the opt-in page and connect it with an email autoresponder to get good results.

Click Wealth System – Pros and Cons

In this Click Wealth System review, I have been all positive towards this product. But every product and software that is released in the market does come with some Pros and cons.

In this part, I want to talk about the pros and cons here.


  • The system is beginner-friendly
  • It is 100% legal. Because this system is selling on ClickBank
  • A beginner in affiliate marketing with no skills can use this system
  • A trial period of 14 days for 9$ is a good choice for someone who wants to test this system
  • Video Tutorials and Customer Support inside the system makes it easier to use and handle this system
  • A marketer who doesn’t have his own funnel can use this system and make money online
  • Create the complete sales funnel within a few minutes and a few clicks on the go
  • A Money-Back Guarantee of 60 days is a positive sign for a buyer because the creator is confident about the product quality. Hence, you have a long-term refund period


  • This system is for beginners, and if you’re an experienced affiliate marketer who is using this. Then you wouldn’t recommend it to others. Because the system is designed to help beginners only.

Click Wealth System Conclusion

Throughout the Click Wealth System Review, I talked about the positive side of the product. But it’s entirely depends upon person to person.

Using any affiliate marketing system in the market won’t promise you fast results like within one (or) two days. That’s why Click Wealth System offers a 14-day period of Trail for you to test the system and get the results by yourself

If you have been doing affiliate marketing for some time and not getting any results. It’s maybe because of your approach to get traffic and convert them to sales. This is where this system comes into play. Where they introduce you to the traffic providers who can get you the targeted traffic you want and convert them into your leads

Besides this, if you’re someone who doesn’t have any affiliate marketing experience and wanna make money online. Then Click Wealth System is the most simple and working solution for someone like you. It helps you with things like creating an opt-in page, connecting email autoresponder, and bringing the traffic, with a few clicks of a button. Which beginners can’t do all by themselves.

Thus, all I can say is try out this system for 9$ and implement the techniques you know within the 14 days of trial period. If you’re getting good results with the system. Then proceed using the system and make more passive income from this system.

Thanks for reading my Click Wealth System review. Let me know your thoughts on this system in the comments.

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