Hostinger v/s BlueHost

Many are struggling to choose b/w BlueHost v/s Hostinger. Even I was in the same situation a few months ago and made a decision. But now I look at that decision, and I think I did the right thing.

If you are someone like me, who reads through a lot of reviews before purchasing something online. Then I think you have landed in the right place to finalize between ‘BlueHost v/s Hostinger’ Hosting

Before, I dive into this comparison of BlueHost v/s Hostinger hosting. I wanna tell you that every review you had read online would suggest that ‘BlueHost’ is the best. But clearly, what you don’t know is the other side of story. BlueHost offers hefty commissions to their affiliates. So mostly all the BlueHost affiliates who right about it are also promoting it extensively.

I am a customer of both these hosting companies. But I tend to use ‘Hostinger,’ and I will share my reasons that why I use it. But this very website that you are reading this article is hosted on ‘Hostinger.’

So in this article me neither being taking any side of these two hosting companies will talk about their performance, pricing, customer support, and features based on my real experience and testing done on them

BlueHost v/s Hostinger – Plans &Pricing

In this part, I want to talk about the shared hosting plans of these two shared hosting giants. Mostly these two hosting services are preferred for their shared hosting plans because of the features provide within the price points of customers are after.

Hostinger, on one end, provides three pricing packages and whereas BlueHost provides four pricing packages for shared hosting.

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting

Hosting NameNo.of WebsitesDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
Single110 GB100 GB 0.99$ Per Month
PremiumUnlimited 20 GBUnlimited2.89$ Per Month
BusinessUnlimited100 GBUnlimited3.99$ Per Month

At this moment. With the purchase of all plans, you would get a Free Domain and Free SSL. If you’re low on budget, then go with ‘Single Shared Hosting,’ and if you have a reasonable budget then buy ‘Business Shared Hosting.’ I won’t recommend ‘Premium Shared Hosting’ because an extra dollar will get you the ‘Business Shared Hosting’ package on which this website is hosted currently

For other than ‘Single Shared Hosting’ plan. Hostinger provides free website migration service for your website/blog. This comes in handy if you’re not that techy to do it.

BlueHost Shared Web Hosting

Hosting NameNo.of WebsitesDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
Basic150 GBUnlimited3.95$ Per Month
PlusUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited5.95$ Per Month
Choice PlusUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited6.95$ Per Month
ProUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited13.95$ Per Month

With the purchase of each hosting package, you would get a Free SSL and a Free Domain. According to me if you have enough budget to spend, then go for ‘Choice Plus Shared Hosting.’ I won’t recommend ‘Pro Shared Hosting’ because, with that expense, you can easily go for a ‘VPS Hosting’ by BlueHost.

Hostinger makes its way in this part of shared hosting pricing

BlueHost has been in the market for too long. It has multiple categories of hosting listed when compared to Hostinger.

Hostinger is stuck to just three categories for hosting a website :

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

On the other end, BlueHost has six categories of hostings:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WP Pro
  • eCommerce Hosting

With such various types of hosting. BlueHost seems to reach broader people, and sometimes with so many options, visitors might feel too confused with what to purchase. Their new eCommerce Hosting is solely dedicated to WooCommerce users. So far, the eCommerce users seems to love this hosting.

I wanna talk about another hosting called as ‘WordPress Hosting.’ This hosting seems to get many eyeballs of people because 35% of the websites on the internet are based on WordPress. So every hosting company is providing hosting dedicated to WordPress users.

Both Hostinger and BlueHost do have their WordPress Hosting Service, and In this specific category, BlueHost pricing does come match the level of Hostinger pricing

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plans

Hosting NameNo.of WebsitesDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
Starter10020 GBUnlimited2.15$ Per Month
Pro300100 GBUnlimited7.45$ Per Month
Enterprise300140 GBUnlimited14.95$ Per Month

Purchasing any of the above three hosting paln will get your Free SSL and Free Domain. If you are on a tight budget, then go for ‘WordPress Starter’. ‘WordPress Pro’ is only the best and the fastest hosting available if you are handling multiple WordPress websites

BlueHost WordPress Hosting Plans

Hosting NameNo. of WebsitesDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
Basic150 GBUnlimited3.95$ Per Month
PlusUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited5.95$ Per Month
Choice PlusUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited6.95$ Per Month

All these WordPress hosting packages offer Free SSL and Free Domain. These WordPress hosting plans does compete with the Hostinger’s WordPress Plans. BlueHost provides 200$ additional marketing credits along with the purchase of any of these hosting package. The credits can be used for your business or for your blog advertisement. 100$ credits for Microsoft Advertising and remaining 100$ credits for Google Ads

BlueHost v/s Hostinger – Features

As of now, you know the pricing of Hostinger is more affordable. You will be amused to see that for shared web hosting, the Hostinger features do match with the BlueHost features even though their pricing significantly different.

Here I want to focus on different features other than Disk Space and Bandwith which are clearly mentioned in the above tables

Basic Package Price0.99$ Per Month3.95$ Per Month
Free SSLAvailableAvailable
Free Domain for 1 yearAvailableAvailable
Uptime Guarantee99.9%100%
Control Panelhpanelcpanel
BackupsYes (But Not for 0.99$ Per Month Package)Yes (For Packages After 6.95$ Per Month)
Customer Support24*7 Live Chat, and Emails24*7 Live Chat, Calls, and Emails
Best Shared Hosting PackageBusinessChoice Plus
Money Back Guarantee30 Days30 Days
BlueHost v/s Hostinger – Feature Comparision

You can see both thsese competitors do have a lot in common. If your still thinking on what sort of hosting you should be buying.

Then for a starting and beginner’s website within a small budget, you should go for ‘Hostinger.’ But if you have a big website and a reasonable amount to spend on hosting. Then go for ‘BlueHost’ VPS hosting rather than their shared hosting.

Note: If you’re running a business on WordPress and want to see a good performance, then don’t go for the shared hosting rather choose ‘WordPress Hosting’ of either Hostinger or BlueHost

On basis of prices, Hostinger features does beat the BlueHost feature for a shared web hosting package

BlueHost v/s Hostinger – Customer Support

Both the ‘BlueHost’ and ‘Hostinger’ customer support doesn’t disappoint you. Both the brand have a reputation of giving out good customer service exeprience.

BlueHost Customer Support:-

BlueHost customer support works on quick phase and is willing to escalate your issues to any concerned member. The live chat feature is what I used to prefer the most, and I had to wait like 5-10 min to get a response and later I would carry on with what I needed. BlueHost does have a call support which Hostinger doesn’t provide at this moment

BlueHost customer support team will be readily available to get their hands on something that you are struggling to do. But their support team tends to recommend you to upgrade for shared hosting. (This happens a lot for the shared hosting users)

Hostinger Customer Support:-

Hostinger customer support is also quick to get on to their feet and do anything for you. Their live chat feature is what I mostly use. I would wait for at least 10 Mins to get a response from their live chat. But once you are talking with them. They are quick enough to transfer your chats to the concerned person to solve the issue you are dealing with then and there. Hostinger doesn’t have a call support of 24×7.

My personal experience of using Hostinger customer support was a little better. Because I purchased a bigger hosting plan from them for longe-term purposes, in return they gave me something for free (which I can’t mention) as a goodwill gesture.

I think we pay these hosting companies for their professional customer support that they offer rather than just their hosting service itself.

In this aspect, both Hostinger and BlueHost customer support services are worth of every penny.

BlueHost v/s Hostinger – Ease of Use

BlueHost uses Cpanel, which is most commonly used and designed for a better user interface. Besides this, Hostinger uses ‘hpanel,’ which sounds new and looks new. But it as effective as Cpanel in terms of usability.

Let’s talk about BlueHost’s panel

  • Simple dashboard for any user and one click WordPress Install
BlueHost v/s Hostinger - BlueHost Cpanel
BlueHost Dashboard
  • Desired cpanel . Easy to navigate and use the BlueHost services
BlueHost vs Hostinger - BlueHost Cpanel
BlueHost Cpanel

On the other end, Hostinger has its hPanel which seems swift and smooth to use.

  • Creates a minimalistic view for a user
BlueHost vs Hostinger - Hostinger Dashboard
Hostinger Dashboard
  • Easy and smooth as Cpanel with one-click installs
BlueHost vs Hostinger - Hostinger Hpanel
Hostinger Hpanel

Both the hosting provider’s interface aren’t too much different in terms of naviagtion and using them. So there no point in stumbling upon an interface issue with these two.

So the easy of use is easy on both BlueHost v/s Hostinger dashboards

BlueHost v/s Hostinger – Performance

The main goal of purchasing the right hosting provider is to leverage their fast and speed page loading capabilities. If your hosting provider does provide a low performance hosting service. Then it would lead to a terrible user experience for your site visitors and will tick them off immediately.

Page speed loading time matters a lot if you’re trying to rank your website on Google. Google made it clear in 2018 that, a page with slow loading web pages will see the decrease in thier search engine rankings.

So now, you are clear on How much the performance of a hosting service provider matters in faster page loading time. In an experiment did by themeisle, where they monitored the loading times of diffrent sites on Pingdom got results for Bluehost and hostinger loading times.

According to their experiment

Bluehost Loading Time:

  • Washington D.C.: 2.75 s
  • San Francisco: 2.86 s
  • London: 3.43 s
  • Sydney: 3.73 s
  • Tokyo: 2.87 s

Hostinger Loading Time:

  • Washington D.C.: 0.829 s
  • San Francisco: 1.06 s
  • London: 0.484 s
  • Sydney: 2.26 s
  • Tokyo: 1.92 s

From the above numbers, it’s clear that hostinger provides a faster loading time for a website.

The experiment went for another next seven days and to anaylse the Uptime generated by different service providers. In the last seven days, BlueHost uptime was 100%, and Hostinger uptime was 99.9%. So basically, not much can be differentiated in regards of Uptime.

Rregarding the overall performance of hosting service providers, Hostinger wins it, and it's evident that for affordable pricing, Hostinger does provide a better service.

BlueHost v/s Hostinger – Conclusion

By reading at the title, you already knew who was the winner in b/w BlueHost v/s Hostinger — Hostinger

But I have written this article so far based on the shared hosting plans form ‘BlueHost’ and ‘Hostinger.’ In the past, I did use BlueHost as my hosting service provider. Because it’s was too pricy and didn’t fit in my budget I had to choose an alternative.

For my fortune, I jumped onto ‘Hostinger.’ Its pricing was reasonable and affordable to me. Now I have multiple websites hosted on Hostinger, and I barely see a loading issue with my websites.

At the same time BlueHost isn’t the worst hosting out there. I have an article in comparison of BlueHost v/s GoDaddy hosting. Where clearly BlueHost was my recommended choice.

FAQ Section

How Good Is Hostinger?

Hostinger is definitely the most performance based hosting service provider in terms of shared hosting. There are other hosting providers which do provide good hosting for cloud hosting services. But for shared web hosting. ‘Hostinger’ stands out the best.

Is Hostinger Secure?

Hostinger provides cloud protection for all its plans which helps to fight against malware attacks and has spam filters to detect any spam activities.

In terms of your personal data being secure. Hostinger does keep the important and sensitive data like card payments, client passwords stored in it’s own servers. Which are not compromised or accessed as mentioned in this article.

Is Hostinger Good For Blogging?

If you’re an aspirational blogger and looking for the best hosting service for your WordPress blog. Then Hostinger is the right option for you and going for it’s WordPress based hosting is the better choice, if you have multiple WordPress websites which need to be hosted.

Is Hostinger better than Bluehost?

Hostinger and BlueHost are the quality hosting service providers. With the affordable pricing, Hostinger does bring a lot of value to your purchase for shared web hosting.

Whereas BlueHost is stand out as a ‘brand’ and expensive hosting service provider. Which should be used when you have a good budget for your hosting and if you are looking for good resources.

Which is better GoDaddy or Hostinger?

Definitely, Hostinger is the best in terms of shared hosting. Within this price range I highly doubt that other hosting services does provide quality performance and features like unlimited emails, SSL, Domain, Backups, and free website migration.

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