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Thanks for having a look here!


My name is Rahul Thakur, and I am from India. This is my personal website/blog where I give product reviews, Training and Courses, which can help other people to grow online.


I am a Digital Marketer/Freelancer/Affiliate Marketer/YouTuber. I can make money on the Internet through different sources.


Here on this website, I am here to help people, especially Newbie’s to get their foot on the door! The Internet has become a spammy place where I have seen (OR) even you may have personally experienced many people out there on the Internet are just looking to get their hands into everyone’s pocket and mislead them in a wrong way.


Eventually, people who had experienced it would be left Off-Tracked in the online field. These people try their luck and put their hard work on “Make Money Online” Stuff. But all in vain, they realize it later and will let themselves down. Soon after, they will give up on themselves and would look for a Hopeless Job which doesn’t satisfy them.


Only a small portion of people will it figure out. What was being wrong?


They soon tend to take action and re-structure their work. Fortunate people will find a Mentor who can get them in the right path this time. But due to the lapse of time and money, most of the people would be dropped by NOW!


Fortunately, I wasn’t one of them. I didn’t have one particular Mentor to guide me. I was mostly on my own. Because I couldn’t spend way too much money on something that I wasn’t sure of at that moment. This happens to every Newbie out there on the Internet.


Most of the Newbie’s try to learn most of the things by themselves and may doesn’t ever know how Online Marketing works. I am here for those who are going through the same issues, and I will be happy to help others.




It all started Two Years Ago. When I was lying on my bed and searching on the Internet on “How To Make Money Online“. I came across a lot of B.S and spammy videos. After my Never Ending Research, I found that Dropshipping was the way to go.


I started to sell my items on eBay.in. Initially, I didn’t see any sales coming. It took me some time to get sells on my store. Later, I realized those sales weren’t as profitable as I thought.


I went on the Internet and searched for every possible thing that could help me with the sales. Finally, I found that optimizing my listings will help me with the sales. Slowly I learned and got into Online/Digital Marketing. Within a short time, I was aware of how to send quality traffic to my products.


Around 30 days later, I was able to see the results of my work showing up and I started to earn profits. BOOM! I was happy as ever and thought that I didn’t need to be in a Job for my life.


I will show you some of my results, which I got during my earning days on eBay.in.

(Sorry, that I don’t have a clarified screenshot of my sales)

These where my Earnings and I live in India. In this country, an average person earns 7-9$ per Day for his job. Here I was making 3-5X times more than most of my population, and I didn’t want it to stop here!


Few more months down the line, as I was getting used to it & built my traffic through most of the marketing strategies that I knew. All of the sudden eBay. In got Shut Down and I was stranded in the middle with no clue.


Most of this happened in my graduation days, and Few more months from there, I was graduated. I was found of Online marketing stuff, and I was willing to stick with it. Because it helped me to earn money from the comfort of my bed. So, I had to stick with Digital Marketing Stuff, and I had learned a lot with my experience of working in different places for different clients.


After a matter of time, I knew that this was it!! Now, I got the skills, and I knew the techniques/methods that were used by other successful Internet Marketers out there.


I got found of Affiliate Marketing, and here myself looking to get other people on the same track and help them Make Money Online.