The 12-minute affiliate system is the best & easiest usable software for affiliate marketing. It is built & designed by David Brown and David Solan. The purpose of this system is to set up an affiliate marketing funnel within few clicks

Since the best thing about ‘Affiliate Marketing’ is that you don’t need to have a product of your own to promote. You can always promote someone else’s products and leverage the commissions that you get when you sell it!

This 12-minute affiliate marketing system made it easy for beginners who have no idea about internet marketing and are looking to launch their own affiliate marketing business with little effort.

But the most important question is. Does this system is actually helpful as it promises?

12 Minute Affiliate System Review

Before reading my review. You can have a look inside the 12-minute affiliate system

Inside Look of 12-minute affiliate system

As seen in the video, the 12-minute affiliate system allows you to set up your sales funnels within minutes

These days with a lot of other funnel builders in the market. You should ask what separates the 12-minute affiliate system? from others

The major point are:-

  • It integrates the system with your ClickBank account
  • You can select in b/w ‘Top 3 Niches’
  • The system helps you with choosing the best selling products
  • Done-for-you sales funnels and a custom funnel builder
  • 80-200+ Professional Email Swipes
  • Get ‘Traffic’ with the click of a button
  • One-on-one coaching calls, professional training videos and access to the private grou[s

Now, the big question. Is it Really for beginners?

According to my experience. I think 12-minute affiliate system is a very easy to use software.

Beginners who don’t have much idea about sales funnel. This software is a ‘Gold’ to them. I think if you’re dedicated enough to promote the products.

You should be getting good results with this system.

I mean, there are step-by-step tutorials inside the system on what to do. There is a complete set of informative videos to get free traffic and build up a proper mindset for the affiliate marketing business.

One you get access to this system

It’s all gonna depend upon your efforts and consistency with getting quality leads in this case. If you have a hard time getting free leads for your affiliate products. You can order paid traffic within the12-minute affiliate system for your precise niche.

12 Minute Affiliate System Price

The 12 minute affiliate system comes with a trail period of 14 day for 9.95$ investment

The system comes with two membership levels:-

  1. Basic Level
  2. Gold Level
Basic LevelGold Level
12 Minute Affiliate Plug n Play System12 Minute Affiliate Plug n Play System
You can choose 1 out of 3 Top NichesAccess to all 3 Top Niches
10 DFY Sales Funnels30 DFY Sales Funnesl
80 Working Email Swipes240 Working Email Swipes
Inbuilt Custome Funnel Builder for 1 NicheInbuilt Custome Funnel Builder for 3 Niches
One-on-one calls and special access to informative TrainingOne-on-one calls and special access to informative Training
Traffic with a clickTraffic with a click
Price: 47$ MonthlyPrice: 97$ Monthly
Basic & Gold Membership Features

Once you purchase the 12 minute affiliate system. You get access to their bonuses which will be available inside the dashboard.

Bonus 1:- Free Traffic Guide

This guide helps with generating quality traffics and leads to your affiliate offer. The major platforms that are covered in this guide are Facebook and Twitter.

For you, in the beginning your aim should be to generate free traffic from this and later invest your money in paid traffic. Once you get the commissions

Bonus 2:- Success Library

Access to a personal development informative digital library. Where you can read and watch self-help videos to grow your mindset.

In this way, this library helps you have a proper approach towards your affiliate marketing business. This library is valued at 497$. But you get it for free!

Bonus 3:- Hot Products

The 12 minute affiliate system will let you know which products are selling hot and will automatically promote those products within few clicks.

This saves you hours of additional work to finding products and building funnels for it

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